Voorzieningspool - Schaarbeek


HVAC and SANITARY School, sports hall and multi-purpose room 3 gas wall boilers Radiators, underfloor heating and hot air Dry floor heating system Sanitary facilities: collective toilets, shower rooms Toddler toilets 2 central air groups on the roof with pre-heated air 1 air group (Gaucheret)

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Sanitechniek PVBA was founded in 1984; then, after the expansion of our activities, Sanitechniek NV was founded in 1987. Sanitechniek has been a part of the Willemen Groep, Belgium’s largest family-owned construction company, since 1999. Our team consists of 50 motivated employees.


Project Details

Jollystraat 142-146 en Gaucheretsraat 145-147, Schaarbeek, Belgium
Sogiaf nv
Urban Platform
Engineering Office 
SGI Ingenieurs nv