Rijksarchief - Antwerpen


HVAC and SANITARY Renovation of listed building Heat production gas-fired boilers Cold production with monoblock chiller Ventiloconvectors 2 Air handling units for cooling and heating with electric steam humidifier and dehumidification.

  • Landlord and engineering office: Buildings Agency
  • Techniques: HVAC and SANITARY

Collective boiler room with heat pump 25 kW air/water and a cascade of 2 86 kW/unit condensing gas wall boilers for underfloor heating, fan coil units, radiators and heating batteries in air groups.
Collective cold production using a 100 kW monoblock chiller for cooling batteries in air groups and aftercooling batteries.
Air handling unit system D with steam humidifier and dehumidification: 9,585 m³/h (archives)
Air handling group system D with steam humidifier and dehumidification: 6,605 m³/h (public areas and offices)

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Sanitechniek PVBA was founded in 1984; then, after the expansion of our activities, Sanitechniek NV was founded in 1987. Sanitechniek has been a part of the Willemen Groep, Belgium’s largest family-owned construction company, since 1999. Our team consists of 50 motivated employees.


Project Details

DOOR VERSTRAETEPLAATS 5 , Antwerpen, Belgium